Printable Number Puzzles

It is surprising how entertaining and relaxing these printable number puzzles can be. They really do make very good distractions and we think it is much better for your brain to apply graphite to paper then your fingers to the keyboard. That's why everything here is fit for print.

Number Fill In

Are you familiar with these sort of puzzles? They look sort of like a crossword, but here the grid in with numbers.

Number Fill In Icon
Number Search

These puzzles work the same way as word searches, but instead of words you look for sequences of numbers.

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Magic Square Worksheets

Magic Squares are a great way to have your kids or students practice addition while still having the fun of solving a puzzle.

Magic Square Icon

These are sort of a cross between a crossword and a sudoku with some addition added in. They are lots of fun to solve!

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Balance Quest

These innovate number puzzles are quite challenging and are great training for addition, subtraction and logic skills. Recommended for ages 10+.

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These are a new puzzle from Whit McMahon. They are similar to a Balance Quest, but with a different configuration.

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