Balance Quest Puzzles

Ready for a challenging and fun new number puzzle? Then you have come to the right page! Balance Quest puzzles are quite possibly unlike any puzzle you have seen before and they are engrossing and satisfying (when you solve them!)

These puzzles were introduced to us by their designer Whit McMahan, who generously gave us a few so you can try them out.

Balance Quest Rules

Balance Quest puzzle example
Balance Quest Puzzle Example

Balance Quest puzzle solution example
Puzzle Solution

Here are the rules for completing a Balance Quest grid as explained by Whit:

  1. The value in each white box equals the sum of its adjoining half-height boxes (except for the zero in the middle, which is already entered in all the puzzles).
  2. Based on puzzle size, the shaded boxes must include all non-zero integers from either:
    • -8 to 8 (for small-grid puzzles)
    • -16 to 16 (for medium-grid puzzles)
    • -32 to 32 (for large-grid puzzles)
  3. No duplicate numbers may exist among the white boxes (including the middle zero), or among the shaded boxes, but duplicate numbers may exist between the white and shaded boxes.

That's it. Sounds pretty simple, but these clever puzzles can get quite tangled and complex. And rest assured, there is only one unique solution for each puzzle.

Whet your appetite for Balance Quest puzzles with the printable examples given here and then join Whit on the Balance Quest Facebook page for news and special information.

Print the Puzzles

Each set of puzzles has the solution included. If you need a longer explanation of how to play this puzzle, here are detailed instructions for each of the grid sizes: Balance Quest Directions.

Small Grids

3 Easy Small Grid Puzzles

3 Intermediate Small Grid Puzzles

3 Challenging Small Grid Puzzles

Medium Grids

2 Easy Medium Grid Puzzles

2 Intermediate Medium Grid Puzzles

2 Challenging Medium Grid Puzzles

Large Grids

1 Easy Large Grid Puzzle

1 Intermediate Large Grid Puzzle

1 Challenging Large Grid Puzzle

Get More Balanced

If you want more (and we're sure you are going to!) check out the Balance Quest Puzzle Book. All three grid sizes (small, medium and large) as well as all skill levels (easy, intermediate, and challenging) are included in the book, so you are sure to find plenty to keep you busy for a while.

Play On Line

Even though we personally think that pencil and paper is better for your brain, your eyes and your body, you can play Balance Quest on line. Generate a puzzle and start solving here: Balance Quest on Puzzle Baron.