Christmas Puzzles
Print, Ponder and Take a Holiday Break

Ready for a breather from the frenzy of the holidays? Our printable Christmas puzzles can give you just the break you need. Print one out and curl up in your favorite cozy spot for a little quiet pondering. Or better yet, print one out for the kids too, and enjoy a little Christmas peace amongst all the food, presents, decorations and songs.

More Holiday Puzzling

Find more entertaining puzzles for the holidays througout the year:

Celebrate with the Best Puzzles!

We've put together a package of twelve of our best puzzles just in time for the holidays. This bundle of carefully crafted printables will add hours of holiday enjoyment to your classroom, homeschool, or your holiday event. It is quick to download and in PDF format, so you are guaranteed it will print right every time you use it.

Grab the Christmas Puzzle Bundle

Christmas Word Search Puzzles

Offer these printable word search puzzles to early finishers in your classroom during the holiday season. They are always fun and we have a number of different ones in case you need more than one. Adults too will enjoy these. There really is no age limit!

Christmas Crossword Puzzles

All of the crossword puzzles you will find on Puzzles to Print are carefully "hand" made. That means we think about what words to include and strive to come up with fun clues. Good crosswords stimulate your mind to think in new ways, not just to fill in a grid.

Other Christmas Puzzles

We have more!

Here is a selection of word scrambles, crosswords and even a sudoku or two. These are mostly for younger kids and adults might find them a bit too easy. Although, sudoku can challenge just about anyone.