Jigsaw Sudoku

jigsaw sudoku

Jigsaw sudoku puzzles make a nice twist on the traditional format. Just as in a regular sudoku, the rows and columns must still contain one and only one of the digits. However, as you can see, instead of the usual regularly shaped subareas, known as nonets, the boxes are irregularly shaped. Just as in a standard sudoku, you may only put one of each of the digits in these subareas.

These puzzles can get your mind working in some interesting new ways.

If you are just getting started with sudoku, you might want to ease your way in with something a bit more traditional. Train first with these Easy Sudoku Puzzles.

Or if you are looking for some more variants, have a look at our Killer Sudoku (for the mathematically inclined) or these giant-sized Samurai Sudoku.

Giant Puzzle Book

If you know you are already a fan of jigsaw sudoku, we have just the puzzle book for you! Loaded with 100 grids and including four levels of difficulty from easy to expert, you are sure to pass many relaxing hour enjoying these puzzles. Learn more about our Jigsaw Sudoku Book.

Free Printables

Most of these sets contain four puzzles on one page and the answers on a second page. All of the PDF's are printable and free. Have fun!