Spray Bottle Holder

Keep your cleaning closet organized with a spray bottle holder. If you are tired of rummaging through your closet or under the sink looking for that lost bottle of cleaning solution, then take charge and get them neat and tidy. All of these storage solutions will keep your bottles upright, so no more unwanted spills either.

Why shouldn't your cleaners be as clean and organized as your house?

Wall Mount Spray Bottle Holder

spray bottle holder

This Vertical Spray Bottle Holder is obviously designed to hold just one bottle. Made by Pit Pal, this is a very solid (and fairly expensive) solution if you are looking to just keep one cleaner at easy reach. Of course you could always buy several holders if you had more than one cleaner you wanted to organize. This seems like a good choice for those who are looking for something that will withstand heavy duty use.

Stainless Steel Bottle Holder

stainless steel bottle holder

You might have seen something like this in a bar holding bottles of liquor. That's because it is a "bar speed rail". But there is no reason it wouldn't make a perfect spray bottle holder. Made to withstand heavy use, this comes in two sizes to hold either six or nine one-liter bottles. This Stainless Steel Bottle Rack could be mounted wherever it is most convenient.

Spray Bottle Rack

spray bottle rack

Here is a simple and effective design that looks like the perfect solution to cleaner organization. This Wood Spray Bottle Rack is made from red oak and has a plastic rod from which you can hang your bottles by their levers. It can hold up to about six bottles and is easy to install in a closet or pantry.

Spray Bottle Storage Caddy

spray bottle caddy

If you want to use your cleaning products in a number of different rooms, then consider going mobile. A caddy is a great way to keep all of your cleaners, gloves and other tools in one place ready to go from room to room as you clean. This Deluxe Carry Caddy serves as storage for up up to eight 32 oz spray bottles. It is designed for heavy duty use and even has an ergonomically designed handle for extra carrying comfort.

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