Spice Rack Organizer

Using the right spice rack organizer for your space and needs can make the difference between feeling harassed in the kitchen and having an enjoyable cooking experience. Who likes to frantically look through dozens of jars in search of the cayenne pepper?

Consider these points when selecting a spice rack organizer:

  • Are spices included? This is not necessarily a good thing. Spices provided by a spice jar manufacturer are not necessarily the freshest, and they may not be the ones you use.
  • Are jars included? Watch out for jar sizes. If they are so small that you can only fit part of a typical jar of store bought spice in them, you are going to either end up throwing away a lot of spice or having more clutter than when you started.
  • Measure the space you have availble and compare carefully with the product specifications. Returning items is always an effort and not all vendors will cover the shipping and handling expense. Best to get exactly what you need by measuring carefully beforehand.
  • Some spice rack organizers require assembly and special tools to fix them in place. Some of us are not meant for such projects. Consider your own capabilities.

Wall Mount Spice Rack

These racks are attractively built to showcase your spice collection. Keep in mind that they will look much nicer if you equip yourself with pretty spice jars as well.

spice rack organizer
Black Scroll
Metal Spice Rack
wall mount spice rack 2
Satin Nickel
Steel Spice Rack
wall mount spice rack Majolica Spice Racks

Door Spice Rack

Don't forget that you will need to allow for clearance when installing a door spice rack. The rack (with the spices on it) needs to work around the placement of your cupboard shelves. You won't be able to use the first couple of inches of storage space on your cupboard shelves either. Measure, measure, measure.

door spice rack 1
Adjustable Spice Rack
door spice rack 2
3 Spice Clips
(Hold 4 Jars Each)
door spice rack 3
Feeny 4 Tier
Spice Rack

Pull Down Spice Rack

A pull down spice rack is a great way to make full use of your cupboard space and still be able to see what you have in stock. Don't forget to measure your cabinet space before buying one of these. The plastic, box-like ones are easy to install, but the Rubbermaid wire rack is probably more solid.

pull down spice rack 1
Tagco Spice Stack
pull down spice rack 3
18 Bottle Cabinet
Spice Organizer

Drawer Spice Rack

In drawer spice racks can be a great way to organize your spices if you have drawer space to spare (I'm jealous if you do). Consider that you'll probably want this to be a top drawer for easy viewing and access when cooking.

drawer spice rack 1
RSVP International
In Drawer Spice Rack 12-bottle
drawer spice rack 2
Expanding Spice Rack
drawer spice rack 3
Wide Drawer Organizer
(comes in narrow model too)

Countertop Spice Rack

Many counter top models could be stored in a cupboard as well. Make sure that if you buy one equipped with jars that they are of good quality.

counter top spice rack 1
12 Bottle
Stainless Steel Rack
counter top spice rack 2
Auto Measure Carousel
Without Spices
counter top spice rack 3
Chrome Rack
Simple, Solid and Inexpensive
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