How to Clean Anything

Here you will find tips for how to clean anything in your house . . . well just about anything.

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how to clean brass How to Clean Brass

Learn how to clean brass correctly and keep all the brass fixtures in your house shiny and new looking.

how to clean copper How to Clean Copper

The techniques in how to clean coppere can be applied to copper pots as well as decorative copper items. Also coverd is how to remove the protective lacquer that often coats copper pieces.

how to clean windows How to Clean Windows

There are a couple of different ways for how to clean windows effectively, including squeeggeeing and using microfiber.

how to clean walls How to Clean Walls

Learn how to clean walls and most importantly how to avoid this ardous house cleaning chore.

how to clean grout How to Clean Grout

Read this article on how to clean grout and get all the information you need to keep your tiles sparkling and new.

cleaning wash machine How to Clean A Washing Machine

Here are tips for cleaning a washing machine. Both front and top loading machines are discussed.

how to clean a bathroom How to Clean A Bathroom

Learn how to clean a bathroom the easy and efficent way and you'll have more time for enjoying life. Maybe with a hot bath in your sparkling tub?

how to clean a toilet How to Clean A Toilet

OK, this is not the most glamorous of subjects, but when you think about it, did anyone ever teach you the right way to clean a toilet? Probably, like most people, you just started doing it! Now you can learn how to clean a toilet with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of effect.

Two Fundamental House Cleaning Tips

Hint 1. Clean things when they first get dirty. It is always easier then if you wait. I like to apply David Allen's concept of the two minute rule here. If you can get something done in under two minutes, then do it straight away. Give yourself a break, get it off your mind, clean it now.

Hint 2. Try dry cleaning before you add any water. This applies in all sorts of cases. An obvious example of this is that if you stain your clothing, it is always best to remove as much of the stain by blotting, long before you resort to rinsing with water. The dry-then-wet rule also applies to things such as cleaning the floor - vacuum up any debris before you get out the mop and bucket.

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