House Cleaning Gloves

You have lots of choices when selecting house cleaning gloves, so be sure to choose the right pair for the job you are doing. Protecting your hands from the thrills and chills of house cleaning is not always optional, especially when using caustic chemicals. And even doing the dishes can be harsh on skin and nails, so be sure to cover up.

Casabella house cleaning gloves

Best Over All

I nominate these
House Cleaning Gloves from Casabella
for best overall house cleaning gloves. They actually almost look stylish, don't they? They are cotton lined, extra long, and have a cuff that folds back which helps to keep water from dribbling down into the glove. Made from long lasting, breathable latex. These are tight fitting, so you may need to buy one size larger than usual.

Heavy Duty Gloves

Wells Lamont heavy duty cleaning gloves

If you are handling any sort of corrosive chemicals or just feel you need extra protection, equip yourself with some Wells Lamont heavy duty gloves. Waterproof and chemical resistant, these gloves are made from 100% PVC with a 100% cotton shell. They are waterproof and even protect somewhat from heat and cold. Perfect for oven cleaning.

Diva Gloves

Lively up your house cleaning routine with some outrageous gloves. For the greatest selection, check out Gloveable Gloves. They make something to satisfy everyone's thirst for glamour and whimsy and their gloves promise to be long lasting and rugged as well.

Waverly diva house cleaning gloves
Waverly Gloves
gloveable house cleaning gloves
Gloveable Gloves
brighten up house cleaning gloves
Brighten Up

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves can be a real blessing. They come in handy for all sorts of household tasks such as food preparation, cosmetic handling, dusting, etc. The fact you throw them away after use make them ideal for messy projects such as hair coloring and preparing poultry. Nitrile gloves are particularly recommended for tasks requiring manual dexterity.

Nitrile disposible gloves
Nitrile Gloves
vinyl disposible cleaning gloves
Vinyl Gloves
latex gloves for house cleaning
Latex Gloves

Microfiber Gloves

Hopefully by now you are already enjoying the pleasures of microfiber as you keep your house neat and tidy. But you may not have known that some manufacturers have gone a step further and made gloves from this modern miracle. Microfiber gloves can make dusting and pet fur pickup much easier.

microfiber blind cleaning gloves
Window Blind
Cleaning Glove
Clean Green microfiber gloves
Clean Green Gloves
microfiber dusting mitt
Microfiber Dusting Mitt


There may just be a glove that is made specifically for the cleaning chore you are tackling. The first pair shown here have an abrasive pad on the palms and fingers so you can directly scrub pots and pans while doing the dishes. The car washing glove has two different sides to remove grime and get into hard to reach places. And if you own makeup brushes, you know they can be a pain to keep clean. The Sigma Spa glove is designed just for this job.

scouring house cleaning gloves
Latex Gloves
With Abrasive Scrubber
microfiber car washing gloves
Car Washing Glove
makeup brush cleaning glove
Makeup Brush
Cleaning Glove

For Dog Owners

Spotless Paw cleaning glove

If you have an indoor/outdoor dog, I bet you are dealing with a little extra mess every day. Unless you have trained your pup to wipe his feet on the door mat, the
Spotless Paw Glove
may be just the house cleaning tool you are missing. It has six fingers so you can wear it on either hand and is made with a microfiber that really holds on to the mud. [an error occurred while processing this directive]