Homemade Window Cleaner

Looking for a homemade window cleaner that will help you get those windows clear and sparkling clean? Here are a few ideas. Any one will work - I tested them all. Be sure to review how to clean windows (there is a definite technique for getting streak free results) before loading up your spray bottle.

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The Best Window Cleaner

Long ago, at the beginning of my house cleaning career, I read cleaning expert Don Aslett's delightful and practical book, Is There Life After Housework? Among other exciting revelations, I was surprised to find an easy formula for window cleaning solution. This stuff gets the job done better then commercial window cleaners, which just goes to show you how easily we can all be duped by marketing and advertising. Just show me somebody that doesn't have a spray bottle of blue window cleaning solution in their cleaning closet!

homemade window cleaner

Indeed, these pretty blue cleaning solutions can actually aggravate the problem of streaky windows because they can leave a waxy film behind that holds dust and causes streaks. If you've been cleaning your windows for a while with commercial solution, you may have a build up of product that you will actually need to remove before you can get your windows clean. The other problem with commercial solutions is that they are formulated to evaporate quickly which might sound like an advantage, but what happens is that indeed they do evaporate, leaving behind the above mentioned film before you've had a chance to wipe it clean.

In his book Don recommended filling a bucket with warm water and adding four or five drops of dishwashing liquid or a capful of ammonia. One got the idea that the dishwashing liquid was there mostly to placate all of us that feel like something more then water is needed to get things clean. He then goes on to explain the correct technique for cleaning windows, which is really the secret, not any magic window cleaning formula.

So this is it! The big secret formula for homemade window cleaner . . .

1 bucket of warm water
a couple drops of dishwashing liquid

More Window Cleaners

Here are two different recipes that you can mix together and keep in a spray bottle, ready to spritz on for quick window or glass cleaning touch ups. However, if you are going for an all out window cleaning effort, use the bucket of water with a little dishwashing liquid recommended by Don. It's the best way to go.

I recommend you use distilled (mineral free) water in these homemade window cleaner recipes. The last thing you want to do is spray some hard water on your windows and end up with even more spots.

Window Cleaner 2

  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar

The rubbing alcohol is included to make a quick drying formula, which is alright for the occasional window touch up. It also makes a good solution for cleaning mirrors.

Window Cleaner 3

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 2 drops of dishwashing liquid

Vinegar makes an excellent solvent and can help cut through fingerprints which are oily stains.

Don't forget to label your homemade cleaners!

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