7 Great Ideas for Homemade Dryer Sheets

homemade dryer sheets ideas

How Not to Die From Static Cling

Making your own dryer sheets can save you in more ways than one. Obviously, you will spend less money because you are buying less packaging and all the costs that go along with buying a commercial product.

You do know that you paid for that cute little teddy rolling in the cushy blankets, don't you?

But also, if you do this thing right, you are going to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. And the positives for this go beyond you and your own family, it reaches out to the whole ecosystem that sustains us all.

So now that you are super motivated, let's get down to the choices.

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1. Use Fabric Softener

Make a solution of fabric softener and a small amount of water and soak washcloths or old socks or whatever in this. Wring them out, let them air dry, and that is about it. Sharon has got the recipe all spelled out for you here and she even goes the extra mile with some cute personalization: Make Dryer Sheets with Fabric Softener.

2. Use Sponges

This is the same formula as number, but use sponges instead. I find something appealing about the sponge idea - not sure why. Mama's Girls does it up with sponges for you: Dryer Sponges.

. . .OK, sharp readers. Anybody spot the problem with solution 1 and 2?

Oops! We used fabric softener. That leaves us with more pennies in the piggy, but our exposure to toxic goodness-knows-what is still way up.

So let's get natural . . .

3. All Natural

You might want to try start out with Healthy Castles recipe. Kari gives you a good list of reasons to quake in your crocs and get rid of the Downey forever, before setting you up with some Natural Dryer Sheets.

4. Aluminum Foil Ball

Here is a dead simple solution, and it lasts for months. Crumple up aluminum foil to form a compact ball about three inches in diameter and toss it in with your next load. This is great for controlling static, but won't have a softening effect if that is what you are after.

5. Essential Oils

Maybe static isn't a problem for you, but you just like the smell of "clean" laundry. Well it's time to get back to basics and learn about essential oils. A couple of drops of your favorite clean smell on a square of cloth will give your laundry just the right amount of your special scent. Try grapefruit, lavender or lemon essential oils if you don't know where to start.

6. Vinegar

Add in a little vinegar with the essential oil. The vinegar will help with the static. Vinegar and essential oil dryer sheets.

7. Herbal Sachets

Finally, if you are ready to skip the sheets altogether, why not try a lovely bag of herbs? This article on Hello Giggles explains what sorts of herbs to use and how to make herbal dryer sachets.

So no more excuses guys and gals, let's try some of these ideas out and lighten up our lives a little. Static cling ain't worth dying for!

Hey, and by the way, if you don't know what to do with the laundry sheets you have already bought - I'll be letting you know about that next! [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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