Glass Spray Bottles

If you are making your own household cleaners, you might like to keep some of them in glass spray bottles rather than using the more common plastic. Glass has the distinct advantage over plastic of being non-reactive. That means whatever you store in your spray bottle is not going to mix with the material and/or take on a funny smell.

Glass spray bottles also come in handy for storing essential oils and cosmetic oils, although these would usually be smaller than what you need for a cleaning bottle. Some people even store culinary ingredients, such as olive oil, in a spray bottle so they can just use a small dose of oil on their salad or wherever they wish.

Large Clear Glass Bottle

large clear glass spray bottle

This 16 Oz Clear Glass Cleaner Bottle is our pick for the best bottle if you are planning on using it to store your cleaning solutions. It holds 16 fluid ounces which gives you plenty to last at least several uses, but not so much that it is too heavy to carry around. Since it is clear, you probably should store it out of the sun, which is a good rule of thumb no matter what. We think the clear glass looks fresh and clean.

Large Amber Spray Bottle

large amber colored spray bottle

If you are serious about protecting your cleaning products from sun damage, go with the 16 Oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle. The spray trigger on this is high output (means less work for you) and has three settings: spray, stream, and off. Please note that even if you opt for an amber spray bottle, your cleaning products may decay with time nonetheless. This is particular true for bleach and water solutions which start breaking down as soon as you mix them.

Small Cobalt Spray Bottles

cobalt blue small glass spray bottles

If you are looking for a glass spray bottle to store cosmetic or essential oil formulas, then these Four Oz Cobalt Blue Spray Bottles would make a great choice. These come in a three pack, which is good as you are likey to find a lot of other uses for these pretty little spray bottles.

Types of Glass

When you look at what is available, you will quickly notice that glass spray bottles usually come in one of three colors: amber(brown), blue, or clear glass. Clear glass obviously lets the sunlight through. That means whatever is in the bottle will probably be altered over time by the sun's rays. So clear glass bottles are not a good choice for cosmetic use, but should be perfectly ok for most household cleaners (although essential oils in your cleaners will also be effected by light).

Amber glass is the standard material used to protect the contents of a bottle. This particular color is most effective at blocking the sun's rays. Cobalt blue glass used to be popular as well and you can still find bottles made from this. It certainly is attractive, and apparently only sight less effective than amber glass. On Earth 911 you can learn more about why glass comes in different colors. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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