Bathroom Cleaning Tips

I am hoping that these bathroom cleaning tips will save you time and frustration. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the one area in your home you should strive to keep clean. Many things can be put off for a week or two, but not bathroom cleaning.

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By the way, the keys to a clean bathroom are the same that will make all of your housework easier and more effective.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1. Regular light cleaning of just about anything, bathrooms included, will mean that you'll never have to do a big clean. If you can commit to spending less then ten minutes a day "fluffing" your bathroom, you'll never have to be down on your hands and knees with the scrub pad again. Doesn't that sound tempting?

2. Clutter slows you down. Is your bathroom counter covered with bottles of potions, lotions, towels, trinkets, candles, and goodness knows what else. Get rid of it!

Anything you can't stand to part with deserves its own special living space. All of these things belong in bathroom organizers: drawers, cupboards, baskets and boxes. The only thing that needs to be on the counter top is a neat and tidy bottle of liquid hand wash. And maybe one decorative item.

This same rule applies to the shower. Do you have bottles of shampoo from two years ago hanging about? Toss them please!

Bonus Tips

  • Make the switch to liquid body soap and say goodbye to scummy bars forever.
  • If you share the shower with several family members, each person can bring to the shower their personal grooming favorites. And then leave with them as well!

Decluttering the counter top and the shower is surely one of my favorite bathroom cleaning tips.

3. Choose your cleaners well and you won't need many. As long as you are decluttering, why not get rid of those toxic cleaning solutions as well? There are many homemade cleaners right here on House Cleaning Howtos that will get the job done just as effectively and have the added bonus of not poisoning you or your environment. (Have you understood that is the same thing?)

If making your own cleaners is just not your thang, please opt for one of the great environmentally friendly cleaners that are now readily available. If you clean regularly, it is quite possible that the only bathroom cleaners you'll need are:

  • General Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant - This should be something that you can just wipe up, no rinsing needed, and it shouldn't leave behind a film. Think light.
  • Lime Scale Remover - Vinegar works if you use it regularly.
  • Glass Cleaner - Homemade window cleaner is perfect

4. Use the right tools. I think many times people neglect to equip themselves with quality housecleaning tools because they figure the job isn't that important and they'll just scrape by with what they have. But having a clean bathroom is very important - so let's raise our sights a bit. Here is the short list of tools that I find essential for efficient and effective bathroom cleaning:

  • Quality Spray Bottles - These are for the homemade cleaners
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - Please do yourself a favor, quit using your old tee shirts for rags, and buy some of these. They leave no lint behind. They are almost magic in how they can clean without cleaners. They come in bright beautiful colors. They make cleaning fun. Well, almost.
  • Home Steam Cleaner - This puppy shoots down grime, especially grime in cracks. Wondering what's lurking in your shower door rail? You'll be amazed at what a steam cleaner can dislodge from there and throughout your bathroom. My steam cleaner is my bathroom cleaning buddy, and she does all the work! No list of bathroom cleaning tips would be complete without mentioning her.
  • Toilet Swab or Brush - No need to explain I hope.
  • Gloves - Even when using natural cleaners, it is a good idea to protect your hands. Besides, do you really want to clean the toilet without gloves? Yikes!

5.Keep humidity at bay. If your bathroom has windows, open them wide whenever possible, and no matter what, for at least 15 minutes a day.

If you have a ventilation system, be sure everyone uses it when showering or bathing.

Finally, in a dream world, if you can get everyone to squigee the shower walls and door after each use, you will save yourself countless hours of work. You simply won't have any soap, scum, or hard water build up to clean. Isn't that a nice thought?

Oops! Did I forget something on my list of bathroom cleaning tips?

  • A scouring pad? Nope, don't need that since I clean regularly.
  • The latest fad cleaner from the grocery store? Nope, don't need those since I clean regularly.
  • A face mask? Nope, don't need that either , since I use only natural cleaning products, oh and I clean the bathroom regularly!

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