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Kim Steele

Hi! I'm Kim, your hostess here at House Cleaning Howtos.

I have been running a household of five for more than twenty years now. That adds up to an awful lot of laundry, dishes, floors, and toilets! Adding to the challenge of keeping it all neat and tidy have been numerous relocations, including two overseas.

I am currently enjoying keeping house in the south of France, where the challenges are pretty tame compared to some of the places we have lived.

You might think I would be obsessed with house cleaning since I write this site, but I am actually pretty relaxed. I love a clean and organized home, but I love life too. And my life includes dirt, bugs, and the occasional laundry monster.

Here are a few "secrets" about me:

  • I love to sweep. It is the most relaxing, meditative activity I know. I can resolve just about any problem with a broom.

  • I almost majored in chemistry at college. I have some sort of primal desire to mix things together and see what happens, coupled with the most methodical of minds.

  • I can find just about any misplaced object faster than anyone in my family. That's because of my methodical mind.

  • When I was little I told my Grandmother I was going to be a writer. I forgot and she reminded me years later when I started to make a living writing websites.

  • Making a living doing what I love is important to me, but what I love more than anything is connecting with people. And that means YOU!

If you want to let me know something or have a question about the site, please contact me here.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit, and I truly hope to see you again soon!

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